A one of a kind unisex collection for 2015-2016 - Nio


Nio-lifestyle - one of the pioneers on sustainable and handmade jewelry premieres the 2015-2016 collection for ladies and gents.  The result is "Nio", an embellished, unisex, stylish jewelry collection with a unique soul. All of the designs are timeless and unique, each with a high quality and created with a combination of ancient techniques and modern influences.


Urban chic, rough and pure are key words that portray the Nio collection, one that fits those who are tough but elegant and don’t take him or herself too seriously but are effervescent and adventurous enough to treasure and embrace life.


The Dutch company Nio-Lifestyle, founded in 2007, is presenting a wide range of exclusive fashion accessories. The unique designs, quality handwork and use of innovative techniques have made Nio-Lifestyle as a distinquished accessories label. The Collection of Nio-lifestyle is available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Our designs are genuine, timeless and high quality. Nio-lifstyle designs and produces all products in-house on a sustainable way. In addition, Nio-lifestyle also designs and manufactures custom made jewelry for brands.



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